Getting the Software you need ....

Virginia Tech now keeps *most* software on-line for download. It is not a perfect system, but it keeps your IT staff from doing time at the State Work Farm. There is a general flow chart for obtaining software: 1) 2) 3) Google it! ***1)*** The first site should always be your first place to go. Many College wide software agreements will show up there, and if you "see" it, it is free for you to download and install ( though you need to read all the caveats to understand the restrictions) on your system. Be aware though that what you "see" and someone else "sees" on the website depends on your status ( faculty, staff, student ) and also on your funding ( some folks funded through ICTAS projects may not see software specifically for Engineering students ) Our IT staff can install many different software packages on VT owned systems. But we are ***NOT*** permitted to install on personal owned systems. ( Refer --- work farm mentioned above ) So please understand .... even if you are using your own system for doing your research, we still cannot install software on it! ***2)*** This site gives available software for purchase through the University. Something not found at the first site may be available here. Purchase of software for Faculty/staff/department requires procurement through Hokie Mart and requires your Program Support Technician to purchase. 3) Google It! Any software not found on the first two sites will likely be up to your best search for pricing and availability. Purchasing software from a third party source will require an accounting code and the order being placed by the Program Support Person for that professor or lab.
Published on: 2014-08-04
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