Wireless Network Service

Wireless service is authorized to students via their student fees, but faculty, staff and visiting scholars must be "associated" to a hard wired network port to be granted wireless service. To configure your wireless service, please read the VT knowledge base article here: https://vt4help.service-now.com/sp?id=kb_article&sys_id=3886a7206f7721003fbcb03f5d3ee42f For folks not authorized for wireless service, there is a guest wireless request procedure found here: https://guest.cns.vt.edu/apps/home.action It is *VERY* important to identify your VT sponsor as either a faculty or staff member of Mechanical Engineering. Requesting guest wireless service for John Q. Public with VT contact of "John Q. Public" will be ignored.
Published on: 2014-08-05
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