The Different Accounts & Passwords on campus

Almost anyone associated with VT will have at least 3 accounts: - *PID Network Gmail* **PID** is your unique VT identifier. Your access to your personal info ( like payroll & W2 forms ) and also school related functions like Scholar, Lynda training, and CAS (Central Authentication Services) use PID. **Network**: Because your PID account gives access to so many PI (personal info) resources, VT decided it was very unsafe to use PID credentials to log into resources from remote locations like airport terminals, coffee shops, etc. So the network password is not often used, but essential to setup wireless accounts on notebooks and other mobile devices. People using the VT VPN will use this password to access VT systems remotely. **Gmail**: When VT moved away from a pop server to Gmail for email services, they did not want to folks using their PID credentials for email since Google servers reside worldwide. Your Gmail password is unique to your email. ( Please note .... if you use Exchange, and not Gmail, you *still* have a Gmail account) But if 3 accounts were not enough, another popular variation: **HOKIES**: Some Folks May have a 4th account with a unique password, if they have an Exchange account or use some of the VT file storage services, like "Skipper". This account is called a "HOKIES" account but not all HOKIES have HOKIES accounts. Clear as mud? **ME Domain**: If your system is part of the ME Domain, then that password is unique and maintained on a departmental server. This is one password that our IT staff *CAN* change for you. There can actually be more ( like Phonemail & BANNER) passwords, but these above 5 constitute the major areas of confusion as to their function. For more info on the VT answers page, go here:
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