Configuring your System for CrashPlan

CrashPlan is a cloud backup service available for Faculty and Staff. If you request the service via this ticket system, you should receive an email giving you details for the install and configuration. However the emails get generated from the CrashPlan server and occasionally our VT Gmail identifies those as spam .... so if you're expecting an email, you may want to check your junk or spam folders to see if it had been rerouted. The server address is; though most all data is backed up on the cloud, we do have limited disk space on the CrashPlan server for devices that are under ITAR restrictions and it would be best to notify us if OESRC is involved with the device you are intending to backup. By default CrashPlan backs up everything under the User's directory ( in Windows: c:\Users\JDOE; in MacOS: Users\JDOE ), so if you are storing in areas outside of the "normal" user data areas, you will find it necessary to open the applications after installation and go through the file tree and select folders. When creating a CrashPlan account, please remember that your password is protecting ALL YOUR DATA be sure to use a very good password.
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